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How to choose belt conveyor equipment manufacturers

by:YiFan Conveyor     2021-08-16
As a general-purpose machine, belt conveyors are now widely used in various fields such as industry and mining, chemical industry, metallurgy, coal, mining, ports, logistics, food, agriculture, etc., contributing a significant force in the construction of the national economy. In the belt conveyor market, there are many domestic and foreign brands, so how to choose a belt conveyor that suits you is very important, and the price of a large belt loading conveyor is high. Once the wrong choice is made, it will bring you a lot of money. loss. So, today we are going to talk about how to choose a belt conveyor equipment that suits you and has excellent quality in various industries. First of all, let's first understand the classification of the lower belt loading conveyor. 1. The belt conveyor is divided into large, medium and small according to the size. 2. According to the form, it can be divided into: fixed type and mobile type. 3. According to the nature, it can be divided into: light and heavy. 4. According to the model, it can be divided into: DT2 belt loading conveyor, TD75 fixed belt conveyor, DJ large inclination rib belt conveyor, DY mobile belt conveyor. 5. According to the conveying material, it can be divided into: coal, sand, aggregate, grain, stone, sand, coal, coke, grinding wheel, salt, sugar, activated carbon and so on. Therefore, before choosing to buy a belt conveyor, you must recognize your own use environment and conveying materials, and carefully understand your needs, in order to better choose the equipment that suits you. Before purchasing, you must have a certain understanding of belt conveyor equipment, because there are many manufacturers of belt conveyors, and if you have this knowledge, you can prevent being misled by some insufficiently qualified manufacturers during the selection and purchase process. Before purchasing a belt conveyor, you should prepare some necessary parameters according to your own situation and provide them to the manufacturer, such as materials to be conveyed, material temperature, conveying volume, conveying distance, and particle size. If you have drawings, you can provide it to the manufacturer. If not, the manufacturer will design and draw according to the parameters you provide, and analyze the rationality of the plan based on the manufacturer’s design plan and its own use. The extensive use of belt conveyors in various fields has caused large and small companies to grow all over the place, production-oriented, trade-oriented, production but not service, etc., so carefully choose a qualified and long-term stable cooperation manufacturer Very important. Over the years, the company has always followed the principle of 'market-oriented, technology-based, quality-based survival, and integrity-based development' machinery will provide you with better solutions for the products you need, and we will do a better job Pre-sales and after-sales service. Will take on more social responsibilities and serve every company that sincerely cooperates.
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