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How to choose an ideal screw conveyor

by:YiFan Conveyor     2021-05-19
2014-10-13 08:48:17    Some customers have purchased screw conveyors at one time and have never used screw conveyors before. They have relatively little understanding of screw conveyors, so how can they buy a suitable one? What about the screw conveyor used in production?  One step, to clarify the type of screw conveyor you need, you can explain your main purpose to the screw conveyor manufacturer, what is the required conveying capacity, and inquire which type of screw conveyor is more suitable. You can also consult the manufacturer of the relevant screw conveyor.   The second step is to select the type of screw conveyor you need, and to understand the characteristics, advantages and disadvantages of each model in detail. The component dimensions of the conveyor include conveyor belt width, slat width, hopper volume, pipe diameter and container size. The size of these components directly affects the conveying capacity of the screw loading conveyor.   The third step is to contact the seller of the screw conveyor. If you don’t understand, you should ask more and get an in-depth understanding. While listening to the seller’s suggestions, explain your special requirements to the seller of the screw loading conveyor. More communication between the two parties is conducive to the purchase of a screw conveyor that the customer needs.
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