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How to choose a large inclination belt conveyor

by:YiFan Conveyor     2021-08-17
Today, the machinery will tell you how to buy a belt conveyor with a large inclination angle: 1. The belt loading conveyor with a large inclination angle can work in an environment with an inclination angle of 0° to 90°. Reach the conveying angle that cannot be reached. Covering belts should be used for large inclination rib conveyors over 70 degrees. 2. Base belt: In the process of transportation, the base belt mainly bears the tensile force, which plays an important role in its use effect. If the rigidity is small, the conveyor belt will be deformed laterally, causing material spattering and other phenomena. Generally, the number of core layers should be at least 6 layers. 3. The requirements for the drum of the large inclination belt conveyor are much higher than that of the flat belt. If the belt is of the same type, the drum type is larger than that of the flat belt. 4. Partitions and skirts: Choose according to the conveying volume, determine the height of the skirts, the spacing of the partitions, the size of the effective bandwidth and other factors. When choosing the partition skirt, the conveying capacity of the conveyor should be considered first, such as: skirt height, partition spacing, and effective bandwidth. Before choosing a large inclination belt conveyor, machinery must first understand its characteristics and be well aware of it. The commonly used type of large inclination belt loading conveyor is DJ type, which is suitable for transporting easily scattered powder, granular, small block, paste and liquid materials. It has the characteristics of wide application range, small floor space, large conveying capacity and high efficiency. When purchasing, first look at its baseband, and secondly look at the partitions and skirts.
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