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How to choose a food conveyor belt conveyor belt?

by:YiFan Conveyor     2022-02-16
Today I bring you PU conveyor belts. PU loading conveyor belts are mostly used in the food industry. Ningbo Yifang Machinery Belt Manufacturer will explain the application and characteristics of PU conveyor belts.

Features of PU cutting resistant conveyor belt:

1. Cutting resistance, 2. Impact resistance; 3. Oil resistance; 4. Wear resistance;

PU The conveyor belt has high hardness, the surface hardness reaches 85-90, the surface PU layer is thick, and there are 2-3 layers of tension cloth. Such physical properties and structural characteristics determine the cutting resistance and wear resistance of PU loading conveyor belts. There is also the chemical properties of PU itself, which makes the PU cutting-resistant conveyor belt have good oil resistance.

Combining the characteristics of the above PU cut-resistant conveyor belts, we prefer to use them in some large-volume, oil-resistant and cutting-resistant environments in industrial applications. We have made some summaries for such industries.

1. Cutting machine industry: cutting machine conveyor belt, cutting machine industry just makes use of the cutting resistance of PU cutting-resistant conveyor belt.

2. Steel industry: The steel industry just makes use of the impact resistance and oil resistance of PU cutting-resistant conveyor belts.

3. Large-capacity food transportation: The food industry just makes use of the oil resistance of the PU cutting-resistant conveyor belt and the high tensile force of the conveyor belt.

4. Conveying of sharp materials: The conveying of sharp materials such as glass industry utilizes the ability of PU cutting-resistant conveyor belt to resist cutting and impact.

The above is the introduction of how to choose a conveyor belt manufacturer for food conveyor belt PU loading conveyor belt, I hope to help you. Ningbo Yifang Machinery has been focusing on industrial belt production and processing for 10 years. It has strong industrial belt production and processing capabilities, dozens of production and processing equipment, powerful merchants, and prices are lower than those of peers. Welcome to inquire.

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