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How to choose a chain conveyor?

by:YiFan Conveyor     2022-07-29

The chain conveyor has flexible conveying mode, heavy load bearing, long service life, and can convey materials of various shapes. It is widely used in various industries such as electronic products, food, home appliances, beverages, automobiles and medical care. When choosing a chain plate loading conveyor line, many factors should be considered. According to the type and size parameters of the conveyed materials, the manufacturer will design according to the actual needs of customers Suitable chain plate line.

1. Select according to product type

According to the type of conveying product and the actual situation of the factory to determine which type to use Chain conveyor, if it is a large electromechanical industry such as automobiles, motorcycles, home appliances (TVs, washing machines, refrigerators), it is necessary to choose heavy chain conveyors, and if it is in food, beverage, electronics, electrical appliances and other industries, then Just choose the light chain plate line.

2. Determine the conveying direction

According to different conveying directions, linear chain conveyors, climbing chain conveyors, and turning chain conveyors can be selected. Conveyors, working table chain conveyors, vertical chain conveyors, curved chain conveyors, accumulation chain conveyors, etc.

3. Product conveying distance

Determine the basic parameters of the wire: such as width, height, pitch, length, conveying speed, conveying machine load, etc. Only normal width, height and length can ensure safe transportation. The chain conveyor should be 500mm~1800mm in width, <1500mm in height, and <30000mm in length.

4. Details of product accessories

If the material of the chain plate is required, in general, the material of the chain plate is PP (polypropylene). ), PE (polyethylene), ACETAL (acetal), NYLON (nylon), stainless steel, etc. There are also requirements for the material of the chain conveyor frame. In general, the material of the frame includes high-strength aluminum alloy profiles, carbon steel plate bending, carbon steel channel steel, and stainless steel.

Optional parts: such as whether you need tooling plates, fixtures, etc. In a word, the chain plate loading conveyor has low cost, simple structure, high conveying speed, stable performance, easy installation and maintenance, and is the first choice for the assembly line of small and medium-sized enterprises.

The chain conveyor should be matched with the main equipment, and it should also be suitable for personnel movement, product transportation, and beautiful site, so it must be carried out when designing the chain conveyor. On-site measurement, the chain conveyor is designed according to the equipment layout and the size of the environment.

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