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How to assemble a buffer roller for a fixed belt conveyor

by:YiFan Conveyor     2021-07-29
Fixed belt conveyors are mostly used in the transportation and transshipment of bulk materials and packages. The proportion of conveyed materials is mostly between 0.3-2.5t, and it is also widely used in metallurgy, coal, ports and other industries. There are many types of rollers for fixed belt conveyors, mainly including ordinary trough rollers, parallel rollers, self-aligning rollers, friction rollers, and buffer rollers. Belt conveyor price Among so many types of rollers, the buffer roller group is mainly used in the material receiving place of the fixed belt conveyor. Let the mechanical belt loading conveyor factory tell you how to assemble the buffer roller for the fixed belt loading conveyor!  1. Steps for assembling the buffer roller:   1. The roller parts, the bearing seat is welded on both sides of the drum, and the weld is made of carbon dioxide. Gas shielded welding or arc welding with J422 electrode below 1.4 mm. 2. The roller skin and the bearing seat should be cleaned before welding, and the inside of the roller skin should be brushed with anti-rust paint, and the welding has no undercut phenomenon;    3. When assembling, fill the oil chamber before and after the bearing with butter, and add 1/ in the sealing groove and the bearing. 2 Space lithium-based grease;    4. After the roller is assembled, under the action of 500N axial pressure, the axial displacement of the roller is not more than 0.7 mm. When the belt speed is less than 3.15m/s, the radial runout of the outer circle of the roller is less than 0.7 mm;    2. After the horizontal and vertical drop test of the roller at a height of 1 meter, the roller parts should meet the following requirements:    1. Roller parts and weld There should be no damage and cracks, and the matching part should not be loose;   2, the axial displacement of the stick should not be greater than 1.5mm;   3, install the rubber ring, press the two sides with the retaining ring, and then electric welding;   4. The rotation is flexible, and the assembly size is within the scope of the drawings;    5. The installation parts on both sides of the circumference are maintained with grease.
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