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How much saving human belt conveyor system

by:YiFan Conveyor     2020-08-07
Straight line belt conveyor system can save a lot of repetitive human labor cost, materials can be different shapes a steady stream of transport to the designated locations, in the design of certain lines will repeat block, powder, granule, packing material according to the fixed transport a variety of ways, such as: vertical, tilt, horizontal, such as different ways of operation, can match with various production lines, has an important position. Straight line belt production line is mainly composed of sail step belt, roller, such as stents, roller device, is a roller to drive conveyor belt, at the same time to friction between the conveyor belt and material as the driving force, supported by frame. Can send material in the form of segmentation, transportation distance and height can be customized according to need and adjustment, and can be in the process of delivery to the rest of the production line equipment to cooperate to complete part of the process, make the whole production line structure, smooth operation. In the process of the equipment is suitable for conveying bulk density is greater than or equal to 1. 67 / t/m cubic meters of material, such as: coal, grain, sand, and after packing bags material. In the process of conveying material by material end even fall on the conveyor belt, through the driving drum and belt and belt and material directly produce the friction of the material to the follow-up equipment. Screw type belt conveyor can be used to level or is less than 15 ° Angle of inclination conveying, can satisfy different terrain to and use of equipment. Widely used in: mining enterprises, broken line, food and all kinds of needs the combination of multiple devices in the production line. Is now one of the indispensable facilities in the various industrial and mining enterprises, my company with more than 30 years of technology processing experience, according to a lot of customer feedback produced by seiko.
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