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How much is the stainless steel screw conveyor?

by:YiFan Conveyor     2021-06-02
2021-02-26 16:41:52 In addition to rust prevention, stainless steel auger conveyors mainly have the advantages of acid resistance, alkali resistance, high temperature resistance or low temperature resistance, and wear resistance. The material can be 304, 310, 316, 321, etc. Or titanium steel and other materials are used in some special occasions, and suitable stainless steel materials are selected according to different application fields. So how much does such a stainless steel auger conveyor cost? The following editor will bring you the price of stainless steel auger conveyor: [quote] The price of stainless steel auger conveyor is 9500~75500 yuan/unit. What factors affect the price of stainless steel auger conveyor? Affect the price Stainless steel selected original material: 304 310 310L 316 316L stainless steel auger conveyor is made of various grades of stainless steel (such as: 304, 310, 310L, 316, 316L) They are mainly used for the requirements of the transportation environment In high-grade industries, the higher the grade of stainless steel, the higher the cleanliness and the stronger the anti-rust and anti-corrosion functions. The stainless steel auger conveyor will not pollute the material, use it for a long time, and the cost is relatively high, so when it is enough to buy You also have to choose according to the cost budget. Affects the price. The conveying power directly affects the conveying output of the material. The conveying power of stainless steel auger conveyors is different. Generally speaking, the conveying power of screw conveyors used by large enterprises and factories is 134.2t/h. The high-power stainless steel auger loading conveyor will be a little more expensive; while the small stainless steel auger conveyor used by small enterprises, its conveying capacity can meet the demand of processing capacity at 9t/h. Convey output and length to let our technicians select the model for you. The central shaft of stainless steel screw loading conveyor: with shaft and without shaft, the central shaft is divided into shaft and without shaft. The design and manufacture of shaftless blades are more difficult than ordinary shafted blades, and shafted blades can only be used for For conveying ordinary powder or granular materials such as non-wound and non-stick wall, shaftless blades are mainly used for conveying materials that are easy to twist, block materials, and stick to walls. Although they only have a difference of one screw shaft, the price is still There are hundreds or even thousands of dollars in differences, and the specific differences should be based on model differences. The above is the three factors of the price of stainless steel auger conveyor analyzed by the editor. For specific price information, you can call our sales customer service, who will provide you with the price information of the twin-shaft screw feeder.
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