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How much is the special hose screw conveyor for sand suction?

by:YiFan Conveyor     2021-05-28
05-05 17:45:32    Hose screw conveyor is an industrial conveying machine, mainly used in warehouse storage in and out of warehouses and conveying raw materials industries. It is used to suck and unload bulk granular materials, such as sand, etc., with long conveying intervals, high lift, small volume, low noise, and low energy consumption. It can be used for single suction, pressure conveying, or mixed suction and pressure conveying. Today, the editor will tell you what is the price of such a sand suction tool?   How much is the price of the hose screw conveyor?   [quote] The price of the sand suction hose screw conveyor is roughly between 1800-5000 yuan, which is 100-500 yuan cheaper than the market price of other manufacturers. So what are the reasons for the difference between prices? The following editor analyzes for everyone from three aspects.  1, factor one [Material] Affect the price    hose screw conveyor manufacturers are different, in the choice of material, the price will be different, machinery as a direct-selling manufacturer, there is no middleman to earn the difference. While ensuring product quality, we choose production materials with relatively favorable prices, which guarantees a favorable product price! The use of high-quality high-strength beef tendon hose is not only wear-resistant, but also can increase the service life of the hose screw conveyor. Therefore, compared with the ordinary thickness of the beef tendon hose, the price difference will be about 200-500 yuan higher. 2. Factor two [model] The model of the hose screw conveyor is mainly based on the length, thickness, and diameter of the hose. The longer, thicker, and larger the hose is, the higher its price will be. The matched motor requires more power, so the price of different types of hose screw conveyors is different. 3. Factor three [Technology] The production process of hose screw conveyors is different, and the resulting price will also be different. As a direct-sale manufacturer, the machine has been specialized in the production of hose screw conveyors for 12 years and has been designing and manufacturing engineers for nearly ten years. People, rich experience in production and design, choose preferential design solutions to meet the needs of different customers. Save design costs, and create hose screw conveyor equipment suitable for customers for one-to-one design.   The above are two factors of the price of the special hose screw conveyor for sand suction analyzed by the editor for you. I hope that all customers who want to buy the machine can buy a suitable hose screw loading conveyor at a low price~
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