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How much is the price discount of lime large inclination belt conveyor

by:YiFan Conveyor     2021-04-27
2019-12-04 10:49:53    The structure of the lime large inclination belt conveyor is to stick freely stretchable rubber wave vertical 'skirts' on both sides of the flat rubber conveyor belt, and there is a certain amount of adhesion between the skirts The strong and elastic transverse partitions form a box-shaped bucket, so that the materials can be continuously transported in the bucket. The sidewall belt conveyor can be widely used in coal, food, building materials, chemical industry, hydropower and metallurgy and other sectors. The ambient temperature is within the range of -19℃~+40℃, and it can transport the bulk density of 0.5-2.5t/m3. Kind of bulk materials. For conveying materials with special requirements, such as high temperature, acid, alkaline, oily substances or organic solvents and other ingredients, special rib conveyor belts are required. The main purpose is the continuous conveying equipment for bulk materials, and its price is relatively expensive. However, it is often asked how much the equipment price can be discounted, and can it be discounted like other products? The following is to tell you how much is the price discount of the large inclination belt loading conveyor machine. First of all, when conveying mechanical products like lime large-incline belt conveyors, there is generally no discount. It does not have the phenomenon of expired discounts like its equipment. If the equipment is stored for a long time, it only needs to be sealed or simply maintained. Therefore, there is no overdue discount. There will be no series of preferential actions such as activities by manufacturers. Because the high-inclination belt conveyor itself costs a high cost to make, in terms of pricing, the price is reasonable based on the actual situation, and there is not much profit. Of course, there will be some manufacturers that will give some appropriate discounts to the equipment, and the discount rate is small. They will have different discount prices according to the type and model of the large inclination belt conveyor. For large belt conveyors, after the manufacturers offer , Can be discounted about 1000. But for the price itself is not high, the price of lime belt loading conveyor with large inclination is only a few hundred yuan. It should be noted here that if a manufacturer’s discount is very large, or even more than half of the discount, it is recommended to be cautious. One may be that the manufacturer itself reports an inflated price, and the quality of the lime high-inclination belt conveyor is unreliable. After   , some customers not only bought a large inclination belt conveyor, but also purchased configuration equipment when they bought a lime large inclination belt conveyor. In this case, the manufacturer will give a certain discount, which is also the actual price, and the gross profit must be higher.
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