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How much is the new concrete belt conveyor?

by:YiFan Conveyor     2021-04-13
2019-08-26 16:51:38 How much is the new concrete belt conveyor?  [Product Quotation] The price of the new concrete belt loading conveyor produced is between 8,800-36,500 yuan.   Machinery is a direct-selling conveyor manufacturer. The new concrete belt loading conveyor produced will guarantee the high quality of the product while giving you a low price! In order to reduce maintenance costs and labor costs for users, the mine belt conveyors we sold are all at low ex-factory prices, and we will regularly launch more preferential activities, so that customers can really get benefits and create greater value for customers .   The following editor will briefly introduce to you what are the factors that contribute to the price range of the new concrete belt conveyor? Reasons for the different prices of new concrete belt conveyors:    1. [Material] Different, different prices The nature of the material needs to consider the loose density of the material, the angle of repose, the size of the material, the bulkiness of the material, the humidity of the material, and the abrasiveness of the material , Adhesion and coefficient of friction. Different material properties directly affect the model and material selection of the new concrete belt conveyor, so there will be differences in equipment prices.  2, 【Line】Different lines and different prices  The transmission line directly affects the new type of concrete belt conveyor: inclination, large length, lifting height; straight line section, curve section size; connection size, etc. When these data are different, it will inevitably affect the price.  3, [site] is different, the price is different  The working environment, conditions and conditions need to consider the daily operating time, working frequency, service life of the belt conveyor, feeding and unloading methods. Working environment and conditions: ambient temperature, open air or indoor, environmental protection requirements, mobile or fixed, telescopic requirements. Different venues require different equipment functions and sizes, and the relative prices will also be different.   In addition, the new concrete belt conveyors are all customized products, and the delivery time is generally 5-10 working days. If you have any questions or doubts about delivery, you can consult customer service online or call for consultation, and we will provide you with sincere service.
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