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How much is the mobile lifting belt conveyor?

by:YiFan     2021-04-24
2021-02-26 16:20:03 The mobile lifting belt conveyor is a kind of high efficiency, good maneuverability, and a continuous conveying loading and unloading equipment that can be moved and lifted. Mainly used in places where loading and unloading locations are frequently changed, such as: ports, docks, stations, coal yards, warehouses, construction sites, sand and gravel yards, farms, etc., for short-distance transportation and loading and unloading of bulk materials or unit weights below 100 kg Of items. The following editor will introduce to you how much is such a mobile lifting belt loading conveyor? [New offer] The price of the mobile lifting belt conveyor is: 7500-38500 yuan/The editor below will tell you what are the reasons for the price difference of the mobile lifting belt conveyor? Factors affecting price 1: The difference in length [length] affects the price of mobile lifting belt conveyors The conveying length of mobile lifting belt conveyors is very long, up to 400m. It moves according to the principle of friction transmission. Its structure is simple, but it has a large capacity and high efficiency! Its price is mainly calculated based on the length. The longer the mobile lifting belt conveyor is, the more expensive it will be. The specific length can be determined according to the requirements, so it is suitable for conveying bagged flour in a variety of environments. Affecting price factor 1: Output [output] difference affects the price of mobile lifting belt conveyor The conveying capacity of the mobile lifting belt conveyor can reach 6000m3/h, and the lifting height can reach 500m; the output of the mobile lifting belt conveyor is directly affected Because of its price, the output is closely related to the drive drum motor. The vibration motor largely determines the output volume. The greater the power of the vibration motor, the higher the output. The higher the output, the larger the corresponding model, so the corresponding The price will be higher, so the vibration motor is one of the important factors affecting the price. Affecting price factor 1: Design [design] The difference affects the price of the mobile lifting belt loading conveyor The design of the mobile lifting belt conveyor is to add the movable and lifting function to the ordinary belt conveyor, so its structure And the difficulty of production has increased, so the corresponding price will also be increased. When purchasing a mobile lifting belt conveyor, users will largely combine their own conditions to put forward some requirements. These requirements may be very simple. Manufacturers can easily solve it, but some require large-scale design changes, so the special design of the mobile lifting belt conveyor will also greatly affect the price. The above is the information brought to you by the machine on the price of the mobile lifting belt conveyor. The price is an important factor in purchasing the machine. If you want to know specific information or other questions, you can consult us. We all Will answer patiently for you.
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