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How much is the grain belt conveyor? How to choose a model?

by:YiFan Conveyor     2021-04-21
2021-02-26 11:48:50 Grain belt conveyor is a kind of mobile steering belt conveyor, mainly used for bulk storage operations of large and medium-sized grain warehouses. The grain conveyor is mainly composed of a conveying part, a turning part and a walking part. 1. How much is the grain belt conveyor? The price of grain belt conveyor is different according to the selected belt conveyor model and drive (motor reducer and electric drum), the material (food), quality, and wear resistance of the conveyor belt are different, and the price will be different. The following is the reference price of grain belt conveyor. For specific prices, please contact customer service. 2. How to choose the model of grain belt conveyor? The selection of the grain belt loading conveyor needs to be based on the layout of the conveying site or the supporting equipment of the production line. The type of the conveyed grain material, the temperature of the material, whether the moisture content is viscous, the particle size of the material, the packing density, the conveying volume per hour, and the conveying angle A series of selection parameters such as the length of the conveying distance, the width of the selected bandwidth, the need for telescopic lifting in and out of the warehouse or loading, etc., can be used to select the appropriate grain belt conveyor model.
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