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How much is the belt conveyor used to transport wet salt?

by:YiFan Conveyor     2021-03-24
2019-12-31 09:43:22 Today, a customer asked our customer service department about the price of the belt conveyor used to transport wet salt. The user’s wet salt transportation volume per hour is 3 tons, and the conveyor distance is 80 meters. The transportation environment is to transport the wet salt from the open air to the warehouse. According to the user's transportation requirements, the belt conveyor can be used to complete the transportation of the wet salt. The following editor will introduce you to the wet salt belt loading conveyor we produce How much is the machine? Wet salt belt conveyor price: [quote] 6500-35500 yuan/set of belt conveyor, referred to as belt loading conveyor, is the use of the skirt side baffle on the conveyor belt, can be made into a horizontal to 90-degree inclination design, with conveying With the advantages of large volume and long conveying distance, today I will tell you how the price of belt conveyor is affected? Affecting price factors: When choosing a belt conveyor for materials, users need to consider the properties of the materials, such as the loose density of the material, the angle of repose, the particle size of the material, the bulk condition, the humidity of the material, the abrasiveness of the material, the cohesiveness and Coefficient of friction. The user is transporting wet salt, and the material contains a certain amount of moisture. Therefore, the main material and the belt must be directly stuck in the transportation. Different material properties directly affect the model and material selection of the large-incline belt conveyor. So there will be differences in equipment prices. Factors affecting price: output refers to the conveying capacity of the belt conveyor. The larger the conveying capacity, the more expensive the price. The conveying capacity of the belt conveyor can reach 6000m3/h, and the conveying distance can reach 400m, so it can easily meet the needs of wet salt. The conveying capacity of 3 tons per hour and the conveying distance of 80 meters. At the same time, the output is closely related to the driving drum motor. The vibration motor largely determines the output volume. The greater the power of the vibration motor, the higher the output. Therefore, the vibration motor is One of the important factors affecting prices. Affecting price factors: Most of the belt conveyors are designed for users to customize products. When purchasing, users will put forward some requirements based on their own conditions to a large extent. These requirements may be simple, and manufacturers can easily solve them, but there are also some major requirements. Large-scale design changes, such as the structure of the belt conveyor or other factors, need to be redesigned to make a wide range of changes, so the special design of the belt conveyor will also greatly affect the price. The above is the information that machinery brings to you on the price of belt conveyors. Price is an important factor in purchasing the machine. If you want to know specific information or other questions, you can consult us and we will all for you Patiently answer.
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