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How much is a tubular screw conveyor?

by:YiFan Conveyor     2021-04-24
2018-04-18 13:50:54    Tubular screw conveyor is also called round pipe screw loading conveyor, commonly known as screw auger, tubular screw conveyor is also called shaftless screw conveyor is a kind of non-central shaft that relies on the spiral body to rotate and transport materials The equipment, the tubular screw conveyor can transport the traditional shaft screw conveyor and belt conveyor can not or difficult to convey materials, such as granular and powdery materials, wet and pasty materials, semi-fluid and viscous materials, easy to twist And the materials that are easy to block, and the shaftless screw loading conveyor has special sanitary requirements. There are many types of tubular screw conveyors, and the prices of different types of tubular screw conveyors are also different. 1. Model of Tubular Screw :    Here, we mainly take the equipment produced by mechanical screw conveyor manufacturers as an example. The specific tubular screw conveyor model is shown in the following table:    Note: In addition to the models given above, machinery also supports professional Customized, and the delivery cycle is short, does not delay the normal use of customers.   2. How much is a tubular screw conveyor?   How much is a tubular screw conveyor? First of all, it depends on what size you choose. The larger the selection, the more the corresponding consumables, and the higher the natural market quotation will be. Therefore, it is recommended that customers must be Shop around and choose a cost-effective device; secondly, it depends on where you buy it? Under the premise of the same quality, compared with the quotations of tubular screw conveyors given in high-consumption production areas, such as Shanghai, Guangzhou and other places, the equipment in Henan production areas that focus on the middle and low-level consumer markets will be slightly more favorable, plus , Here are mostly direct sellers, they not only have real workshops for users to visit, but also the discount rate will be even greater in terms of equipment pricing. Therefore, it is recommended that customers consider more when purchasing tubular screw conveyor equipment. Consider the Henan production area. As a large-scale direct selling screw conveyor equipment manufacturer under Henan, Machinery produces a complete range of tubular screw conveyors with reasonable and transparent prices. If you have any needs, please feel free to consult online at any time to obtain mechanical tubular screw conveyors of the month. Discount offer!
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