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How much is a sludge knife conveyor?

by:YiFan Conveyor     2021-04-10
2021-03-04 09:49:42 Because the sludge contains a lot of impurities, it will encounter problems such as entanglement and sticking during transportation. Therefore, according to the characteristics of the sludge, we recommend a shaftless knife conveyor for you Machine, so how much does such a sludge shaftless Jiao Knife conveyor cost? The following editor brings you the quotation of the sludge knife conveyor: [quote] The price of the sludge knife conveyor is 8500~45500 yuan/set. The shaftless screw conveyor is a kind of machine that conveys items, which is different from the traditional Compared with the shaft screw conveyor, it adopts a design without a central shaft and uses a flexible integral steel screw to push the material, so it has the following outstanding advantages: strong anti-winding! The following editor will analyze for you what are the price factors that affect the sludge knife conveyor? What factors affect the price of sludge knife conveyor? Affecting price factor 1: The design and manufacture of shaftless blades is more difficult than ordinary shaft blade sludge blade conveyors. The blade conveyors without central shaft are used, which are similar to those with shaft blades in terms of structural characteristics. The loading conveyor is different. One of the obvious is that the central axis is divided into axis and non-axis. Although they only have a difference of one screw axis, the price is still a few hundred or even thousands of dollars. The specific difference depends on the model difference. The design and manufacture of shaftless blades is more difficult than ordinary shafted blades, so there is a lot of price for shaftless screw conveyors. The second factor affecting the price: The choice of spiral material is mainly carbon steel and stainless steel. The material of the sludge knife loading conveyor is carbon steel and stainless steel. The price of stainless steel is about 1 times more expensive. Stainless steel is mainly used In industries with high requirements for the transportation environment, it has high cleanliness, no pollutants, long service life, and relatively high cost. Carbon steel material can be mainly used in some materials that are not very strict or correct. For the transportation of sludge, you can choose carbon steel material, and the price can be much cheaper. Three factors affecting the price: the greater the transmission power, the greater the delivery capacity, the more expensive the price is. The conveying power of the sludge knife conveyor is different. Generally speaking, the conveying capacity of the screw loading conveyor used by factories and enterprises At a transmission rate of 134.2t/h, the price of high transmission power will be a little higher; while the small sludge knife conveyor used by households and small businesses has a transmission rate of 9t/h and low transmission power. The price will be relatively lower; the price of a screw conveyor with high throughput will be several thousand yuan or even tens of thousands yuan higher than the price of a low-volume screw conveyor. The above is the three factors of the price of the sludge knife conveyor analyzed by the editor. I hope that all customers who want to buy the machine can buy a suitable sludge knife conveyor at a low price~
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