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How much is a pet feed conveyor?

by:YiFan Conveyor     2021-05-17
2019-08-19 16:13:27    For conveying pet feed, screw conveyors are generally selected, which are suitable for horizontal conveying, inclined conveying, and vertical conveying of granular or powder materials. The conveying distance varies according to the deformity, generally from 2 meters to 70 meters.   How much is a pet feed conveyor? The price of pet feed conveyor manufactured by    machinery is roughly between 5500-20000 yuan, which is already 200-1000 yuan cheaper than the market price of other manufacturers. So what are the reasons for the difference between prices? The following editor analyzes for everyone from three aspects.  1, factor one-[Material] Affects the price    different manufacturers of pet feed conveyors, the selected material, the price will also be different, machinery as a direct-selling manufacturer, there is no middleman to earn the difference. While ensuring the quality of the product, we choose production materials with relatively favorable prices, which guarantees the preferential price of the product! Pet feed conveyors have three different materials: high manganese steel, high chromium steel, and carbon steel. Compared with carbon steel, high manganese steel and high chromium steel have higher wear resistance and can improve The service life of pet feed conveyors. At the same time, the price of pet feed conveyors made of high manganese steel and high chromium steel will be about 3,000 yuan higher than that of carbon steel. 2. Factor two-[model] Different models of pet feed conveyors affect the price, and the price is definitely different. The pet feed loading conveyor produced is about 800 yuan per meter in length. In addition to the length, the inclination angle and pipe diameter The choice of thickness, vibration motor, and reducer also directly affects the price. Pet feed conveyors are different in conveying power. Generally speaking, the conveying capacity of screw conveyors used in factories and enterprises is 134.2t/h. The price of high conveying power will be a little higher; while the small pet feed conveyor used by households and small businesses has a conveying rate of 9t/h, and the price of low conveying power will be relatively low; high conveying capacity Compared with the low-volume price of the screw conveyor, the price difference will be about 2500 yuan higher. 3. Factor three-[Process] Different production processes of pet feed conveyors affect the price, resulting in different prices. As a direct-selling manufacturer, machinery has specialized in the production of pet feed conveyors for more than 20 years, design and manufacturing engineers More than 20 people, rich in production and design experience, choose preferential design solutions to meet the needs of different customers. Save design costs, and design and build pet feed conveyor equipment suitable for customers one-to-one.   The above are the two factors of the pet feed loading conveyor price analyzed by the editor for you. I hope that all customers who want to buy the machine can buy a suitable pet feed loading conveyor at a low price~
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