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How much does it cost to buy a sludge screw conveyor

by:YiFan Conveyor     2021-03-26
04-30 23:26:28 Introduction to    sludge screw conveyor The sludge screw loading conveyor is currently a more widely used conveying equipment on the market. This equipment is mainly suitable for viscous and winding materials. The name of the equipment is shaftless Screw conveyors have received strong support from users. At present, there are more and more sludge screw conveyors on the market, and the price of this equipment is also affected by many factors. So what should I buy a sludge screw? How much is the conveyor? The editor of this article will give you a brief introduction. Factors affecting the price of sludge screw conveyor 1. Production process There are many screw conveyor manufacturers in the market. Different manufacturers have different production equipment processes. If a manufacturer’s production equipment technology is more advanced, it indicates the strength of the manufacturer. Strong and large-scale, when such a manufacturer produces equipment, there will be very little waste of resources, and the production cost of the equipment will be lower, and of course the price will be much lower; on the contrary, if a manufacturer’s production technology is relatively backward, the equipment Naturally, the production cost will be very high, and the market quotation of the equipment will of course be much higher. 2. User demand The demand for sludge screw conveyors by users in the market also directly affects the price of the equipment. When there are many users in the market buying sludge screw conveyors, if the manufacturer’s supply is limited at this time, it will There is a phenomenon in which supply exceeds demand. At this time, the market quotation of the equipment will be very high; when the manufacturer’s supply is large and the number of users buying the equipment is relatively small, the market quotation of the equipment will naturally be very low. 3. The nature of the manufacturer Although there are many screw conveyor manufacturers on the market, the nature of the manufacturer and the manufacturer is not necessarily the same. Some manufacturers are large-scale and powerful, and are direct-selling manufacturers; some manufacturers do not have production plants. Belonging to middlemen; some manufacturers are distributors. Relatively speaking, the equipment prices set by the middlemen are relatively high, while the equipment prices of direct-sale manufacturers are relatively low, because the middlemen make profits by earning the equipment price difference. The market quotation of the equipment is high; direct-sale manufacturers produce and sell their own equipment, and the market quotation of the equipment will naturally be very low, so users must be cautious when choosing a manufacturer. 4. Manufacturing cost The manufacturing cost of the sludge screw conveyor is a direct factor that affects the price of the equipment. If the cost of a manufacturer to produce the sludge screw conveyor is relatively high, the market price of the equipment must be very high; on the contrary, if the energy consumption is If the production cost of the low-type sludge screw conveyor is low, the market price of the equipment will also become lower, so users should be careful when choosing equipment. The price of vibration machinery is a manufacturer specializing in the production of conveyors. The conveyors produced have certain advantages in terms of equipment quality, performance and price, and have received strong support from users. The reason for the affordable price is our vibration machinery production. The technology of the equipment is relatively advanced, and there is no waste of resources during production. The production cost of the corresponding equipment is much lower. The price will definitely be lower than other manufacturers by 3-5 thousand yuan. It is suitable for those small-scale processing plants to purchase and can reduce the vast majority. The user's investment cost; our company is a relatively formal manufacturer, the equipment price is very reasonable, and the equipment price is also within the acceptable range of consumers, reducing the user's investment cost.
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