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How much do you know about the adjustment ability of the punching chain conveyor

by:YiFan Conveyor     2021-08-11
How much do you know about the adjustment ability of the punching chain conveyor? How much do you know about the adjustment ability of the punching chain loading conveyor? The man and the output shaft are supported on a closed box body by rolling bearings, and the lower part of the box body is an oil sump containing working fluid. The input shaft drives the oil supply pump through gears, sucks oil from the oil pool and pumps it out, passes through the cooler and then enters the working chamber to circulate and transfer torque and speed. The electric actuator of the punching chain loading conveyor controls the extension of the pipe to change the oil filling degree of the iris cavity, thereby adjusting the output speed (and torque). The electric actuator has manual operation, remote electric control and automatic control. the way. The speed-regulating hydraulic coupler can adjust the speed and torque of the output shaft, and has the functions of two-step start, no-load start, soft start (this is controllable), increase the ability of the motor to start the load, and reduce the starting torque of the load. And when multiple motors are driven, the power can be evenly configured. Suitable for punching chain conveyors (soft start), fans, water pumps (adjusting flow) and other equipment.  The speed-regulating hydraulic coupling is selected based on the shaft power and rated speed of the working machine. In the parameter table of the variable speed hydraulic coupling, at the corresponding speed, the shaft power of the working machine is within the closed interval of the transmission power range, and the hydraulic coupling of this specification can be selected. Normally, the variable speed hydraulic coupling The rated slip of the device (for example) is. The upper limit of the power range corresponds to the upper limit of the rated slip, and vice versa. If in order to reduce slip loss and save cooling water, the model can be selected close to the lower limit of the slip rate (that is, the power of the working machine shaft is close to the lower limit of the power range).
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