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How does the screw conveyor complete the conveying

by:YiFan Conveyor     2021-04-08
When the screw conveyor is used to transport the material horizontally, the material is pushed by the chain, and the internal friction between the material layers is greater than the external friction between the material and the groove wall, and it moves forward with the scraper chain, and the height of the material layer is consistent with the groove. The material flow is stable when the width ratio meets the conditions. When conveying materials vertically, it relies on the arching characteristics of the materials. The materials in the machine trough are pushed by the scraper chain in the direction of movement, and the lower part of the material is continuously fed to prevent the upper material from sliding down, generating lateral lateral pressure, thereby increasing the internal friction of the material , When the internal friction between the materials is greater than the external friction between the materials and the tank wall and the weight of the materials, the materials will be transported upwards along the scraper chain to form a continuous flow. Due to the vibration of the scraper chain in motion, the material arch of the material will be destroyed and formed again, which will cause a hysteresis phenomenon to the chain during the conveying process of the material, which will affect the conveying capacity. The machinery is a professional production conveying equipment, screening equipment, Manufacturers of feeding machinery and vibration motors are welcome to inquire.
Matters to remember when screw conveyor conveys materials
Screw conveyors are widely used and have a wide range of materials to be conveyed. They can convey powder, granular and small lump materials. Because the use environment of screw conveyors is generally dusty, the conveyor’s Bearings in the dust will aggravate their wear for a long time, and the machinery should be maintained and lubricated regularly to allow the loading conveyor to perform better operations. 1). When starting to feed, the feed should be gradually increased, and the feed should be uniform. Don't add to the rated amount of the equipment at once, otherwise it will cause blockage and overload of the drive device, which will also have a certain impact on the life of the equipment. 2) There should be no hard and massive materials in the material, otherwise it will jam the screw and cause damage to the screw machine. 3). Don't feed material when starting, wait until starting to feed material, and start the conveyor without load. 4). Stop feeding before stopping, and stop the operation of the equipment after the material in the machine is finished. 5). Regularly check the parts of the equipment, such as whether the fasteners are loose. If there is any looseness, fasten them in time and take precautions in advance. 6) Do not remove the cover of the conveyor when it is running, so as not to cause personal hazards. It is also necessary to frequently add lubricant to the moving parts.
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