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How does the anti-occlusion device work and its application

by:YiFan Conveyor     2021-03-21
2012-03-19 08:35:36 How does the anti-blocking device work and its application? The anti-blocking device is also a silo wall vibrator. It is a low-energy pass-through product with a vibration motor as the excitation source, relying on high-frequency vibration and shock The force effectively prevents and eliminates the blockage of various silos caused by internal friction, deliquescent, charged adsorption, component segregation, crystallization, etc., so that the materials can be smoothly discharged from the silo. The anti-blocking device is composed of a vibrator and a controller box. The vibrator is composed of a vibrating motor and a base. When the silo is blocked, the start button of the control box is manually pressed to make the vibrating motor work, and the silo wall generates a certain amplitude of vibration to prevent The role of silo occlusion. When the blocked material in the silo is removed, press the stop button, the vibration motor stops working, and the motor is used as the excitation source. The high-speed rolling of the vibration motor produces periodic high-frequency vibrations to the silo wall. The periodic vibration of the blocking device, on the one hand, makes the material disengage from the silo wall and eliminates the friction between the material and the silo wall. On the other hand, it makes the material in a stable state under the influence of alternating speed and acceleration, thereby effectively overcoming the material. The internal friction and extraction force of the silo can eliminate the relative stability of the materials in the silo, so that the materials can be discharged from the silo opening smoothly. It can detect and prevent the occurrence of chute blockage failure at any time, and improve the degree of automation. It is widely used in the anti-blocking of storage silos in metallurgy, chemical industry, building materials, coal, food, cement, pharmacy, fertilizer, grain, forging, ceramics, abrasives and other industries. It can also be used as a shock source for vibrating feeders, vibrating conveyors, vibrating funnels, and shock chutes. Ensure safe production, improve transportation efficiency, and reduce labor intensity. The LZF series of anti-block devices have the advantages of small size, light weight, high efficiency and low energy consumption, and simple installation.
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