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How does a screw conveyor work?

by:YiFan Conveyor     2022-08-16

Screw conveyors can be divided into two types: shafted screw conveyors and shaftless screw conveyors. The working principle is that when the material enters the fixed machine groove, due to the gravity of the material and the friction between the machine groove and the machine groove , the materials accumulated in the lower part of the machine groove continuously rotate with the screw body and move forward under the push of the rotating screw blade.

The features of its use are: it is convenient for multi-point loading and unloading, and it can also complete the functions of stirring and mixing at the same time during the conveying process; it is sensitive to overload. It is easy to block and consumes a lot of energy; it has a crushing phenomenon for coarse-grained materials, and is suitable for conveying fine-grained coal. Its structural features are: simple structure, easy maintenance, reliable work; small cross-sectional coefficient, compact and flexible layout; airtight transportation, less environmental pollution, can improve working conditions; serious wear and tear of mechanical parts, low conveying capacity. Description of the use of suspended conveying equipment

Screw conveyors can be roughly subdivided into: LS type screw conveyor, GX type screw conveyor, WLS shaftless screw loading conveyor, DL Multi-axis screw conveyor, LC vertical screw conveyor. Among them, the most widely used are LS type screw conveyor and GX type screw conveyor.

The working principle of the LS screw conveyor

The LS screw conveyor uses the rotating screw to move the conveyed material along the fixed casing move. Move the head and tail bearings to the outside of the housing. The sliding bearing is used to lift the bearing, and the bearing is equipped with a dust seal. The bearing bush is generally powder metallurgy, and the felt bearing bush is used for conveying cement. The lifting shaft and the screw shaft are connected by a sliding block. LS screw loading conveyor use and parameter detailed explanation

The working principle of GX screw conveyor

GX screw conveyor uses rotating screw to convey The material moves along the fixed casing, and the nose and tail bearings move to the outside of the casing. The lifting bearing adopts the sliding bearing with dustproof sealing device, the bearing bush is generally powder metallurgy, the felt bearing bush is used for conveying the cement, and the lifting shaft and the screw shaft are connected by the slider.

In summary, screw conveyors are widely used in construction engineering, chemical engineering, tunnels, mining, etc. There are also problems that need to be paid attention to when using the screw conveyor, that is, it is not suitable for conveying materials that are easily deteriorated, viscous and easy to agglomerate, and sometimes clogging occurs when conveying materials.

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