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How can we reduce the resistance of the belt conveyor?

by:YiFan Conveyor     2020-07-28

Conveyor belt conveyor is often used in a variety of goods, also can be transported in different forms. Belt conveyor main resistance for material compressive resistance, bending resistance, the repeated bending resistance, conveyor belt conveyor belt sag resistance on roller, roller motion resistance, etc.

 How to reduce the resistance of belt conveyor?

 1, motor bearing lubrication: due to the effect of the friction of the belt conveyor is bound to produce some resistance when conveying material, especially when transporting long relationship causes mechanical lubrication is not enough, is the need for various machinery spare parts for motor oil for lubrication, such as oil for lubrication bearings and various accessories.

 2, conveyor belt connection: convert vulcanization joint belt joint ( Hot and cold can be) , the price is high but the use of long maturity ( Suitable for fixed belt conveyor) 。 Drag: 

3, idler belt conveyor conveyor accessories and conveyor roller rotation resistance of the resistance of the whole conveying equipment of the main resistance by fifty percent, its whole body is eighty meters long. In the calculation formula of total resistance of belt conveyor, the total resistance under such as charging coefficient selection according to the length of conveyor equipment, and related to the device and the working conditions of the friction coefficient of bearing branch, the length of the conveyor, roller rotating local quality, return branch of unit length roller rotation of local quality unit length, conveyor belt unit conveying material quality, quality, And transmission capacity of belt conveyor and belt speed), the material is loose density The special accessories bearing forward friction resistance are mainly by the sweeper and the effects of parameters such as friction belt special resistance.

 4, conveyor belt running deviation, transportation equipment is the main conveying material carrier of conveyor belt, when running the material conveyor belt easily lead to mechanical running deviation, will also bring different resistance to belt conveyor. As far as possible in order to reduce the running resistance of belt conveyor, must be timely adjust the belt running deviation, reduce the belt running deviation, 

5, and clearing up the rubbish: timely to clean waste generated in the conveying process. Make the belt conveyor tensioning force to the best state.
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