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by:YiFan Conveyor     2020-07-25

Belt conveyor is also called the belt conveyor line, belt line. Using the continuous or intermittent movement of conveyor belt conveying various light and heavy goods, can transport a variety of bulk material, also can transport all kinds of cartons, bags and so on for small pieces of goods, belt conveyor is applicable to food, electronics, chemical industry, printing, etc. 

 Belt conveyors transport smoothly, can be customized according to customer's request, and a variety of belt (optional PVC anti-static rubber, rubber belt, belt for food, etc. ) 。 Belt conveyor structure forms, can be divided into groove type belt conveyor, belt conveyor, a variety of forms such as uphill belt conveyor, conveyor belt can also add lifting, skirt edge and other accessories, can meet various technological requirements, on both sides of the conveyor with worktable, equipped with lamp, can be used as electronic instrument assembly, food packaging, such as the assembly line. 

 According to the conveying process requirements, can be a single delivery, can also be more than one component or with other conveying equipment to form horizontal or inclined conveyor system, in order to satisfy different arrangement type of line. Belt conveyor is mainly composed of frame, conveying belt, belt roller, tensioning device, transmission device, etc. The framework adopts steel structure, aluminum structure; Workbench can choose according to customer requirements, basically have the plane, independent table, bar table; Belt running speed can be set by oneself, constant speed, electromagnetic speed control, frequency control of motor speed. Belt conveyor is widely used in electronic appliances, plastic, chemical, food and other industries. We produce high quality belt machine, welcome to discuss. 

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