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Heavy load start of mobile conveyor

by:YiFan Conveyor     2021-06-24
In the operation of the mobile conveyor, it is inevitable that such failures or the need to stop in the middle are very easy to occur. In this case, in order not to affect our normal production, our maintenance personnel will usually replace the machine in the shortest time. After the failure is repaired or other situations are dealt with, continue to boot or continue to work immediately. In this case, if the downtime is relatively short, there will be no time to unload the materials on the conveyor or the shutdown is in emergency. There is no way to unload all the materials on the conveyor and then stop the machine. It needs to be restarted when the conveyor is loaded. Booting is what we are talking about today-reload booting. In fact, it is very simple to start with such multiple loads. It is to start and run when there is material on the loading conveyor belt of the conveyor. Because the torque of the motor output when the mobile conveyor restarts under the condition of loading materials, it is necessary to overcome the resistance torque caused by the static friction between each support roller and the roller shaft under the belt, and also to overcome the downward movement of the material on the belt. The resistance moment caused by the pulling force. In this way, the belt conveyor needs to bear relatively large resistance. At the same time, because of the elasticity of the belt, each roller rotates one by one in sequence, and does not rotate at the same time. Even if the roller rotates, due to the low speed, the lubrication between the roller and the roller shaft is not good, and the dynamic friction force is unstable, so the torque at low speed start has certain fluctuations. Moreover, during the entire starting process, it takes a certain amount of time to make all the rollers rotate and the torque begins to decrease. Therefore, pay attention to the lubrication of the mobile conveyor in this case. Only in the case of frequent lubrication can the conveyor be easily realized even when it is started under heavy load. Our explanation for a long time still revolves around one point that is that the heavy-duty start of the mobile conveyor requires our special attention.
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