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Hazards in belt conveyor operation

by:YiFan Conveyor     2022-08-26

The belt conveyor is the main equipment for the transportation of raw materials in the metallurgical industry, especially in the iron front and steelmaking systems. Do you know the hazards in the operation of belt conveyors?

1. Involved in blow damage

Post personnel are carrying out inspection, maintenance, cleaning, repair, etc. of the belt conveyor During operation, due to insufficient confirmation, the belt conveyor in the stopped state suddenly started, causing personnel to be involved or hit by the belt conveyor.

When the equipment is maintained, cleaned and repaired without cutting off the power supply of the belt conveyor and related operation switches, the personnel are involved or hit by the belt loading conveyor.

Post personnel touch the rotating parts of the belt conveyor, causing themselves or work tools to be involved or hit by the running belt conveyor.

Special operations are not carried out in strict accordance with the relevant safety sequence, resulting in being involved or struck by the belt conveyor.

Tools and utensils come into contact with the running belt conveyor and cause damage to the human body.

2. Squeeze injury

Due to the improper cooperation between the participants during the maintenance operation of the belt loading conveyor, the squeeze injury was caused.

When patrolling, maintaining, cleaning and overhauling in the dense area of u200bu200bthe belt conveyor, the adjacent equipment is running or started, which will easily cause people to be squeezed.

When lifting and transporting the repaired part, the object to be lifted is squeezed due to the improper standing position.

3. Falling injuries from heights

The safety protection facilities are defective, damaged, etc., the protection range cannot meet the production requirements, and the hazard source is not clearly identified. cause an exception to occur.

Failure to take relevant safety measures when working at heights, or the safety measures taken do not meet the construction requirements, resulting in fall injury.

4. Heavy objects fall injury

Because the falling ore is rotted by the plate and the racking material is seriously accumulated, the belt conveyor falls from a high altitude and hits the patrol below. Inspection and construction personnel.

During the maintenance operation of the belt loading conveyor, the safety device of the hoisting machinery is defective, the operation is improper during lifting, and the safety warning range is not set, causing heavy objects to fall and hurt people.

When cleaning up the accumulated material of the high-altitude belt conveyor and cleaning up the on-site environment after the overhaul, a high-altitude parabola occurred and injured the personnel below.

5. Failure and damage of safety protection device

The belt conveyor lacks protection under abnormal conditions, causing personal injury.

The belt conveyor alarm bell, emergency stop switch, linkage and stand-alone operation switch fail, causing personal injury.

The system start-up command broadcast at the job site failed and stopped broadcasting, resulting in the lack of on-site warning function.

6. Other injuries

In a relatively closed working environment in summer, heat stroke is caused by high temperature and poor ventilation.

When working in winter, the low temperature causes ice accumulation on the road surface or belt conveyor passage, resulting in slipping.

When working in rainy days, going up and down escalators, and walking on high-inclined inspection passages, slips and falls are caused by improper protection or lack of corresponding safety protection facilities.

Personal labor protection equipment is not fully worn or used improperly, resulting in lack of protective effect.

The on-site lighting facilities are damaged or missing, resulting in poor visibility at the job site and injuries to personnel during inspections and maintenance of equipment.

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