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Good helper for coal mine transportation

by:YiFan Conveyor     2021-05-02
09-07 15:36:14 Mine transportation and hoisting machinery is responsible for transporting coal, slamming rocks, materials and equipment, and transporting staff. The transportation and hoisting system is the 'artery' of coal production. Hoisting machinery is a cyclical transporting machinery. It uses the wire rope on the hoist or winch drum to pull the hoisting container. It runs back and forth in the shaft or roadway to complete tasks such as lifting coal, slamming rocks, lifting personnel and equipment. Hoisting machinery can be divided into mine hoisting machinery and mining area hoisting machinery: (1) Mine hoist: Mine hoist is an important part of hoisting machinery, it is installed on the ground, and the lifting container is pulled by the wire rope on the hoist drum in the shaft. The reciprocating operation completes the lifting task, and the rolling diameter of the hoist serving the entire mine is generally more than 2m. The main shaft hoisting equipment completes the task of lifting coal, and the auxiliary shaft hoisting equipment completes the task of lifting slamming rocks, lifting personnel, equipment and materials. (2) Mining area hoisting machinery: a winch with a drum diameter of less than 2m is often used and installed in the copper chamber of the underground mining area. The wire rope on the winch drum is used to pull a group of mine cars in the uphill or downhill roadway of the mining area. For lifting tasks, it is often used as auxiliary transportation equipment in mining area. Continuous action transport machinery refers to the continuous transport of cargo after the equipment is started. Its types are: (1) : Conveyors are divided into scraper conveyors and belt conveyors. The scraper loading conveyor is mainly used for coal mining face, and the belt conveyor is mainly used for transportation roadways with an inclination angle of less than 17° to complete the task of transporting coal. Belt conveyors can also be used in inclined shafts as lifting equipment to complete the tasks of lifting coal and transporting personnel. (2) Infinite rope transport machinery: This mode of transportation is to load the cargo in a mine car, connect it with a continuously running steel wire rope and pull the mine car to run on the track to complete the cargo transportation. It is mainly used for underground or ground horizontal transportation and inclined road transportation with an inclination angle of less than 10°.
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