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General daily maintenance and maintenance of chain conveyor

by:YiFan Conveyor     2021-05-28
As a product with high function and cost performance among many conveying equipment, the chain conveyor is deeply loved by the majority of users. Chain conveyors are widely used in food, beverage, electronics, electrical appliances and light industry industries. The chain conveyor has a very flexible conveying form. It can make full and effective use of space. It can be designed to be used individually by various models, and it can be very conveniently matched with other conveying equipment. It can be seen that the chain conveyor is an important conveying equipment in the assembly line, so the editor analyzes the general daily maintenance and maintenance of the chain conveyor for everyone. 1. The chain conveyor should be supervised by a fixed person during the working process. The caretaker must have general technical knowledge and be familiar with the performance of the conveyor. 2. The company should formulate the “equipment maintenance, overhaul, and safe operation procedures” for the chain conveyor so that the caretaker can follow it. The guards must have a shift system. 3. The feed to the chain conveyor should be even, and the feed funnel should not be filled with materials and overflow. 4. When taking care of the conveyor, you should always observe the operation of each component, check the connecting bolts everywhere, and tighten them in time if they are loose. However, it is absolutely prohibited to clean and repair the moving parts of the conveyor when the conveyor is running. 5. During the working process of the chain conveyor, non-custodial personnel shall not approach the machine; no personnel shall touch any rotating parts. When a fault occurs, the operation must be stopped immediately to eliminate the fault. If there are defects that are not easy to eliminate immediately but have no significant impact on the work, they should be recorded and eliminated when they are overhauled. 6. The screw tensioning device of the tail assembly should be adjusted appropriately to keep the conveyor belt with normal working tension. The caretaker should always observe the working conditions of the loading conveyor belt. If the part is damaged, it should be decided whether to replace it immediately or to replace it when it is overhauled according to the degree of damage (whether it affects production). The removed conveyor belt should be used for other purposes depending on the degree of wear. 7. When taking care of the chain loading conveyor, it is necessary to observe its working status, clean, lubricate, check and adjust the screw tensioning device and other sporadic tasks. 8. Under normal circumstances, the chain conveyor should be started when there is no load, and stopped after the material is unloaded. 9. In addition to maintaining normal lubrication during use and replacing individual damaged parts, the chain conveyor must be overhauled every 6 months of work. During the maintenance, the defects in use and records must be eliminated, the damaged parts and the lubricating oil must be replaced. 10. The enterprise can formulate the maintenance cycle according to the working conditions of the conveyor. If you have more questions about chain conveyors, you can consult us. With strong strength and advanced equipment, we can produce high-quality conveyor equipment and chain conveyors and other mechanical products for customers. Welcome new and old customers to visit and win-win cooperation.
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