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Function telescopic belt conveyor is introduced

by:YiFan Conveyor     2020-08-03
The telescopic belt conveyor ( Also known as adjustable loading machine) It can free expansion on the length direction, control the length of conveyor at any time. Conveying material two-way operation, can be used with other transportation equipment and material sorting system, realize the automation of loading and unloading or vehicle loading and unloading of material production, are widely used in various industries. Working principle: the use of the telescopic belt conveyer, shorten the distance of the manual handling materials back and forth, cargo loading and unloading cargo can shorten the time and reduce the labor intensity, reduce the goods damage, reduce the handling cost, improve work efficiency, and the telescopic belt conveyor first used in logistics, express delivery, the tobacco industry. Scope of application: the positioning of the telescopic belt conveyor conveyor is mainly suitable for 10 - 60 kilograms of bagged class goods on homework. The function of the telescopic belt conveyor features 1, the conveyor only 2 people can move to different job site. 2, direct push toward inside, and further to operate within 10 meters of the car. 3, when the conveyor homework, need to artificial melee drag and drop the goods can finish the homework, is turned on, the inversion of the cargo, loading and unloading efficiency, about 30 pieces of goods per minute. 4, according to the operation requirements can be multiple adjust conveyor operation position, using the original mechanical arm hydraulic equipment, up to 4 meters, the minimum can be down to 2 meters, solved the difficult problems such as heavy cargo stacking. Instructions: the first step: conveyor to move to the site of loading; Step 2: remove the conveyor to inside; Step 3: connect the power and turn on the switch operation, side switch to reversing switch, positive button to start switch, red light for power light, for counting display device ( There is a small button above, can count to zero. ) ; The fourth step: according to the requirements, may adjust the height of the nose, through hydraulic device to hydraulic controller to throw, the nose up, to throw in the nose drops. Note: move the controller to decline slowly; Step 5: job completion, unplug the power and close the switch, and then moving to the designated place to put.
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