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Function of the belt conveyor is very flexibly by material from one or more points

by:YiFan Conveyor     2020-08-09
Belt conveyor this equipment can save manpower handling will also be able to save time, just put the material in certain transportation on-line, can from the original material feeding point to the final discharge point, the following will be specific about together with us! Can also turn to more or segments discharge. When feeding on a few points to the conveyor belt at the same time as optional conveyor or on the direction of along the length of the belt conveyor at point by uniform feeding equipment to transport brings, belt conveyor has become the main transmission lines. Belt conveyor in coal yard under the pile of the lane take material, when necessary, still can put the pile of different materials. Material can be simply, discharged from conveyor head can also move through the plough tripper or discharging car in the direction of the conveyor belt length of discharge. Screw conveyor commonly known as the twisted dragon, is suitable for granular or powder material conveying level, tilt conveyor, vertical conveyor and other forms. Transmission distance varies according to deformity, usually from 2 meters to 70 meters. Belt conveyor conveying principle: rotating spiral blade will be screw conveyor conveying material goes on. With blades of screw conveyor conveyor materials not spinning force is its own weight and screw conveyor casing material friction resistance of the material.
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