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From screw conveyor to scraper conveyor application

by:YiFan Conveyor     2021-05-31
2014-10-29 09:16:46   In the development process of the conveyor, it has experienced the development era from screw loading conveyor to scraper conveyor to air conveying chute.   At first in the 1930s, screw conveyors entered China. It began to be applied to industrial production. At first, it was applied to the cement industry, and slowly it was also applied in the chemical industry. Later, it was applied to various industries such as agriculture, food, and mining. Until now, the screw conveyor is also used for conveying. The mainstay of machinery.   But the times are constantly developing, and the screw conveyor has shortcomings in the process of using it. It was also constantly exposed, so the scraper conveyor was developed later. The development of the scraper conveyor is later than the screw conveyor, but the application of the scraper conveyor in some industries such as mining is better than that of the screw conveyor. The buried scraper loading conveyor is remarkable in conveying materials such as dust, small particles and small blocks. Horizontal and inclined conveying, when conveying materials, the conveying distance is long, and it can convey a lot of hot materials.
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