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Four major power of the belt conveyor

by:YiFan Conveyor     2020-08-07
Belt conveyor is also known as general belt conveyor, this equipment can save manpower handling will also be able to save time, it is mainly a conveyer belt, driving device, roller, roller, tensioning device, guide chute and sweeper that seven parts, then you know the power of the seven parts? A, conveyor belt: belt conveyor belt is used to pass the traction and bearing are goods, mainly USES the rubber belt or plastic belt. General condition such as high temperature will use ordinary fabric core rubber belt. Suitable for plastic conveyor belt and low temperature. Driver: belt conveyor drive by electric motor, coupling, or hydraulic coupling, reducer, transmission roller and so on, with sloping section of the belt conveyor should also be set according to need to brake or non-return device. The advantages of small size, low cost, reliable operation is the distinctive features of drive. When load down, in order to prevent tilted upward conveyor belt backward movement in goods under the action of heavy, caused the material flow back, should be based on the specific circumstances of braking device is installed in the drive. Commonly used roller non-return device, belt type non-return device, tile type brake, etc. Three, roller: roller belt conveyor is ( Belt conveyor) The main power transmission components, made from a tube of skin and flange welding. In general, to be under 320 mm outside diameter of the belt conveyor roller with seamless steel tube as a tube of skin, more than 320 mm diameter counterpart after the adoption of the steel plate welding forming drum skin, known as the welding roller; Some cast steel flange and tube skin after welding as part of the cylinder, the cylinder aluminothermic welding structure. Four, roller, roller is the function of bearing conveyor belt and belt material, the vertical degree of conveyor belt, make its can stable operation. Roller type mainly has grooved roller, flat roller, buffer roller, self-aligning roller and so on. Five, tensioning device, tension device type is generally a spiral, car type, vertical type, hydraulic tensioning and tensioning winch, nonskid stop function is to ensure that the conveyor belt and driving roller, and limit the conveyer belt sagging degree between the supporting roller group, make the normal operation of conveyor, but also for the conveyor belt to joint with necessary travel. Six, feed trough: material is falling from the funnel through the center of the feed trough on the conveyor belt, guide chute bottom width is 1/2 ~ 2/3 of the bandwidth, cross section shape of the rectangle. Feed slot from the front, middle, after a period of composition, usually by a front-end, after a period of and several middle, the length of the guide chute is determined according to the needs of users of seven, sweeper: adhesive material used to remove the conveyor belt. Is the most simple cleaning device of scraper cleaning device, and P type sweeper, H type alloy and empty section of the sweeper, etc. Empty period of cleaning is used to remove the non-working surface adhesion of materials, to prevent the material into the tail roller and vertical tension device of the idler pulley, general welding in the middle of the two kinds of roller in front of the rack, and adjust the length of the chain hoist.
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