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Food production line equipment universal table bring convenience for the enterprise

by:YiFan Conveyor     2020-09-19
Universal table conveying material in food production line can be used for transportation in the production operation, rotate, promote the monolithic conveying material, very convenient. In addition, the universal table has high bearing strength, can has the characteristics of large conveying capacity, and have relatively long service life, it is very convenient in installation and use. According to different food production environment in the production of general ball ball and tray. Food industry companies usually use stainless steel, and they also have designed the hole, in order to more effectively prevent rust and prolong service life. Because of the flexibility of the universal ball rolling, in the process of food assembly line production, will have a certain number of bearing capacity of universal ball is fixed on the plate, to a certain density forming platform. In between the two shaft end use lock together. Movement transmission torque and make food production line work box plate and the material in the food production line run free, and can be very flexible to sliding, thus easy to transport the material to the destination, thus greatly reduces the work intensity of food production. Transport operators. According to the requirements of the different bearings, can be arbitrarily set the distribution density of universal ball, also can choose different universal ball bearing capacity. Universal ball by carbon steel, zinc and stainless steel. Due to the flexible structure of the universal table, it is widely used in food production line of transport, transition, turning, etc. An unpowered assembly line equipment, the use of the ball in transmission. Because the goods can be along any direction on the ball, so they called ge ball bearing conveyor belt/ball line. The assembly line equipment commonly used to transport flat and smooth object, such as pallets. Not suitable for conveying at the bottom of the uneven surface, The common circulation box for example) And conveying soft bottom ( Packaging such as cloth, etc. ) 。 General assembly line equipment is easy to install (ball Just put the general ball on the platform) , flexible transmission, reliable performance, simple maintenance. Suitable for high hardness, lightweight food delivery. Type IA universal ball has impact resistance. Can be used to not the specified object.
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