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Floor spiral chain conveyor application industry and advantages

by:YiFan Conveyor     2021-07-22
The floor spiral chain conveyor can meet the requirements of logistics carton transportation, turnover box transportation, and packaging bag transportation. It can also use multiple exports to meet the requirements of large quantities of materials. It can be used in logistics, e-commerce, warehousing, express, chemical, electricity, It has been widely used in machinery manufacturing and other industries. So what are the application industries and advantages of floor spiral chain conveyors? I will introduce to you: Floor spiral chain conveyor applications and advantages. Floor spiral chain conveyors use a series of chain plates fixed on the traction chain. Conveying equipment that transports products in the spiral direction. The spiral chain loading conveyor is composed of a driving head structure, a tensioning device, a traction chain, a slat, a driving and redirecting sprockets, and a frame. Compared with other conveying equipment, the spiral chain conveyor has the following features: (1) It has a wide range of practical applications, except for large or small products, which can be transported; (2) The chain conveyor has high traction chain strength. , Can be used for long-distance material transportation; (3) Small footprint. It is easy to complete mechanization and automation, which can reduce labor intensity and save manpower; the chain conveyor can transport under the premise of a larger inclination angle and a smaller bending radius, and the organization is more mobile. The conveyor chain of the floor spiral chain conveyor is prone to wear. In order to reduce the maintenance of the chain, a plate chain type high-strength wear-resistant chain is adopted. The chain material is made of alloy structural steel and subjected to special heat treatment and shot blasting treatment, which has a high smoothness. Ensure firmness, wear resistance, and promote the service life of the transport chain conveyor. The floor spiral chain conveyor chooses a sealed, lubricated and lubricated equipment, which will save energy by 5-10% and reduce noise at the same time. The transmission system adopts hard-tooth surface reducer, heavy-duty curved plate chain loading conveyor and hydraulic coupling, so that the drive system structure is equal and compact, and it is suitable for the power transmission of the chain plate conveying mechanical drive system. The operation is more stable and the noise is very low. .
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