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Flexible chain conveyors are particularly prominent in machinery manufacturing and pharmaceutical industries

by:YiFan Conveyor     2021-07-23
Flexible chain loading conveyor is a cost-effective conveying equipment for chain conveyors. It is particularly prominent in machinery manufacturing and pharmaceutical industries. The equipment is simple to operate, beautifully designed, and has high-speed and stable conveying, low maintenance, and low operating costs. It meets the hygiene requirements of food production and is pollution-free. Flexible chain conveyors are also widely used in the food industry, cosmetics industry, beverage industry, pharmaceutical industry, machinery industry, etc. The flexible chain loading conveyor is assembled from white high-strength engineering plastic chain plates and aluminum alloy profiles with anodized surface. According to the type of conveying, there are many kinds, from clamping, hanging, dragging, pushing to sorting, to collection. These functions can complete various operations with simple operation and high efficiency. The flexible chain conveyor can complete a series of operations from conveying, distribution to packaging, which can greatly improve work efficiency. What are the characteristics of the flexible chain conveyor? Let's take a look at it together. First: The flexible chain plate is very clean, does not need regular maintenance, does not need to be lubricated, and has strong corrosion resistance and acid resistance. Second: stable operation and low noise. Third: Lightweight and convenient, convenient for maintenance and repair. Fourth: Comply with GMP regulations.
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