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Flexible application of automated production line the workbench

by:YiFan Conveyor     2020-08-24
The role of automatic production assembly line workbench in product processing production as operation platform, is used for staff to complete the product assembly, packaging and other operations. It also because of using the environment and the structure of different industries will have different design, style of table structure, we can refer to the classification of it. We can do it will be simple common workbench classification as follows: 1, independent workbench: that is, a workbench as an independent operation platform; 2, esd workstation, this kind of workbench equipped with anti-static facilities, used to have strict request for electrostatic production workshop; 3, heavy-duty workbench: professional for heavy-duty workbench product processing; 4, unilateral or bilateral table: this table is usually in more labor-intensive manual labor enterprise applications; Line 5, belt workbench: workbench mixed with belt conveyor line design, higher operating efficiency. Automatic production line of table classification including, but not only limited to the above five categories, custom can be based on the characteristics of the specific requirements of customers for the design and production. In the structural design of pipeline workbench diversity, are mainly used in the application form processing operation platform. According to different needs, they can be used as a separate operating platform, can also with other equipment to form a systematic products processing system. But its structure design and the application form, still need to be established on the basis of the actual needs of enterprises. Automated production line workbench is a simple structure, strong practicability of non-standard assembly line equipment, its products in many industries has very important application in the processing production. Assembly line workbench compared with other non-standard production equipment more flexible in application, this is mainly thanks to its advantage in design and construction.
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