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Five commonly used lubrication methods for roller conveyors

by:YiFan Conveyor     2021-07-18
The roller conveyor has a simple structure, high reliability, and convenient use and protection. Roller conveyors are suitable for conveying items with a flat bottom, and are mainly composed of driving rollers, racks, brackets, and driving parts. There are many types of loading conveyor rollers, and the classification includes: unpowered conveyor rollers, power conveyor rollers, grooved conveyor rollers, adjustable friction rollers, taper rollers, sprockets, PVC plastic rollers, etc. The conveyor roller set is equipped according to the length, width and height of the object. You must check the bottom condition of the transported goods. In the process of roller conveying, it is necessary to consider the conveying speed of the roller conveyor and the friction between the roller and the goods, and consider the impact of the contact between the roller and the chemicals. The rollers are divided into non-powered and powered rollers. During the installation process, it is necessary to consider the conveyed objects and select the correct roller. Because the roller loading conveyor has a simple structure and convenient protection, it is widely used. operators should pay attention to the maintenance and protection of the conveying equipment during their work. The smoothness of the roller conveyor is particularly important. Here are five commonly used lubrication methods for roller conveyors: 1. Check the temperature change of the roller lubrication part, and the shaft temperature should be kept within the regular range; 2. Use pressure or drive screw and nut to be regular Oil lubrication, use oil seals for the less commonly used drive screws and nuts; 3. Keep the tools used in the equipment, scrub regularly, check frequently, and keep intact and clean; 4. Lubrication operators should visit on time and pay attention to whether there are lubrication points Oil leakage and abnormal changes should be dealt with in time if the problem is found; 5. For the smooth point of automatic oil filling, always check the oil pressure, oil level, temperature and the oil delivery volume of the oil pump, and deal with the problem in time. roller.
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