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Feeding method of screw conveyor in the production process

by:YiFan Conveyor     2021-04-12
09-07 15:57:17 In the production of screw conveyors, every small part must be designed and tested to be beautiful and produce high-quality screw conveyor equipment. What can’t be ignored in the design of screw conveyor is the proportion and method of the material conveying inlet and unloading process. When considering the conveying capacity and power of the screw conveyor, in general, the loading volume should be selected. The percentage is determined by the filling factor, and the feeding method of the screw conveyor also has a large technical content. Multi-point loading often requires the arrangement of a conveyor with multi-point feeding. It must be adjusted manually. When only one feed port needs to be opened at a given time, the gate or switch device should be restricted when the opening is large. The conveyor is not allowed to be overloaded. When more than one feed port needs to be opened, the flow rate of each feed port must be carefully adjusted so that the total amount does not exceed the upper limit of the design capacity of the conveyor. When multiple feed ports need to be opened all at the same time When the machine feeds, the total material flow must be controlled.   From the fixed storage bin, when the screw conveyor is directly loaded by the fixed storage bin, and the flow adjustment device is not used, the risk of overload is greatly increased. For this reason, an ammeter indicating the load current can be attached to the motor controller. This is a simple and practical method to indicate that a large load is reached. This method is particularly suitable for manual operation to control the loading of the screw conveyor. .   Inclined charging, the gate valve that tends to feed is a feeding method provided by the silo, hopper, tank or barrel to load the self-flowing material into the screw conveyor. The storage material is discharged into the screw conveyor by its own weight, and the rotation direction of the screw is toward the opening, which helps to ensure the constant flow of the material. The gate valve inclined to the inlet is very suitable for unloading and feeding from the bottom of the long silo The working environment of the collection or recycling screw conveyor. Fixed loading. When the screw loading conveyor system is put into operation, it is rarely required to re-adjust the loading conveyor capacity. Therefore, adjusting the inlet volume of the screw conveyor is the preferred reliable method. What are the main loading facilities that can reliably adjust the material flow? :The screw feeder is composed of a specially designed conveying screw sealed in a tubular tank, which enables the material to be output from the silo at a predetermined speed. The amount of output material has nothing to do with the height of the material; the rotary impeller feeder is It adopts a cylindrical shape with a rotating impeller of a specific volume on the top, and discharges the material at a certain speed. The feeding amount is determined by the speed. It can be driven synchronously with the screw loading conveyor or separately driven by a fixed speed or variable speed transmission device.
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