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Features of Shaftless Double Screw Conveyor

by:YiFan Conveyor     2021-07-25
Double screw conveyor is also a kind of conveying equipment that uses the rotation of spiral blades to push materials forward. It is used to convey powder, granular and small materials. During the conveying process, the materials can be stirred and mixed, and sometimes they can be used as As the auxiliary parts of other equipment become larger and larger as the demand for conveying capacity and screw conveyors nowadays, high requirements are also put forward on the design, structure and production of conveyors. Shaftless double screw loading conveyor structure Shaftless double screw loading conveyor is also mainly composed of feed inlet, cylinder discharge port, spiral body, transmission system (single motor drives two shafts) and other components. Its working principle is to use rotating spiral blades. The force that pushes and conveys the material so that the material does not rotate with the auger blades is the material's own gravity and the frictional resistance of the auger housing to the material. A single drive system is used to drive the double helix to realize the conveying. Compared with single screw, double screw conveyor saves space (at the same conveying capacity). Screw body welding and screw shaft are the main working parts for conveying materials. According to the direction of rotation, it can be divided into two types: left turn and right turn. For the same spiral body, as long as its rotation direction is changed, the conveying direction of the screw conveyor will be randomly reversed. According to the different materials to be conveyed, it can be divided into entity, belt, blade and other surface types.  The transmission of shaftless screw conveyor generally adopts motor and sprocket to decelerate. By configuring different sprocket to change its transmission, the required speed of the screw can be obtained, so as to ensure that the material is conveyed and the output is controlled. In terms of engineering applications, screw conveyors are not suitable for conveying materials that are perishable, viscous, and easy to agglomerate. Therefore, these materials will stick to the spiral body during transportation and rotate with it without moving forward or hanging bearings. The accumulation of materials is formed at the place, and the equipment cannot work normally.
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