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Factors affecting the service life of belt conveyors

by:YiFan Conveyor     2022-09-15

With the rapid development of China's economy, a large number of belt conveyors are used in the transportation of bulk materials in coal, electric power, mining, metallurgy, building materials, cement, and chemical industries. The belt conveyor uses the belt as a conveying machine for conveying materials and pulling workpieces. The belt conveyor is responsible for the transfer of various raw materials and the transportation of finished materials. Once a fault occurs, it will affect the normal operation of the factory.

There are three main factors affecting the life of belt conveyors:

I. Raw material management is not in place, and there are many sundries

Due to the lax management of incoming raw materials, there are often sundries such as scrap iron and steel mixed in, and there is a lack of effective sundry removal methods in the raw material preparation process, resulting in sundries mixed in In the raw material, the belt is scratched during the belt transportation, resulting in a breakdown. (News recommendation: working principle and composition of belt conveyor)

II. Improper operation

Material accumulates on the belt or leaks to the lower belt If the bolts of equipment components are loosened and not tightened in time, they will fall on the belt; if the deviation of the belt is not adjusted in time, the belt will be scratched or scratched, or even broken.

Three, poor quality of belt bonding

Because there are many suppliers of belt conveyors, the quality of belt bonding is poor, and the proportion of glue is not allowed. Uneven application of cloth glue, dislocation during bonding, etc., will affect the quality of the belt. There are quality problems such as degumming, bag lifting, more canvas head, cracking and so on. (News Recommendation: Preventive Measures for Belt Broken Accidents)

Measures to extend equipment life and reduce production costs:

1. Strengthening Raw material management, control the source and particle size of raw materials. Add iron remover if necessary to prevent debris from entering the production line.

2. Strengthen equipment quality management. Using high-performance idlers and high-quality belts, we can't be tempted to be cheap.

3. Take preventive measures as early as possible in daily and planned maintenance, and strengthen inspections to prevent problems before they occur.

4. Strengthen the protection of the conveyor belt. By improving the installation angle of the idler, the contact surface between the material and the belt conveyor can be increased to ensure that the belt conveyor can carry the material under the design load and reduce the wear of the belt at the turning point.

5. Only by discovering and summarizing in time in production and paying attention to preventive measures can prolong the service life of the belt conveyor.

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