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Factors affecting the price of screw conveyors

by:YiFan Conveyor     2021-07-30
When choosing a screw conveyor, price is not a criterion to measure. We need to understand the equipment first, and then decide whether it is appropriate. Today, let’s take a look at which factors determine the price of a screw loading conveyor. The price of screw conveyor is basically determined by the following price factors. First of all, the equipment raw materials. Screw conveyors have carbon steel and stainless steel. The properties of different materials are different. For some industries such as chemical industry and metallurgy, because of the materials they transport It is often mixed with materials that are extremely unstable and prone to corrosion. In order to ensure the equipment can be used for a long time, stainless steel materials are selected. Carbon steel materials are suitable for transporting some stable materials. Of course, the price of carbon steel materials is cheaper than stainless steel materials. . Secondly, there are two kinds of chain methods. Plate chains and ring chains are commonly used. Plate chains are suitable for equipment with longer transportation intervals and larger pipe diameters, while ring chains are suitable for equipment with smaller pipe diameters and smaller transportation intervals. Compared with the plate chain, the price of the chain is a bit cheaper. Another point is the type of equipment. The larger the type, the wider the pipe diameter, and of course the higher the cost. In addition, the factors that affect the price of tube chain conveyors include discs, lengths, inlets and outlets, and so on. The screw conveyor is transported in a sealed ring tube, which can carry out dust-free and environmentally friendly transportation of various powders, granules, small blocks and other bulk materials, so it has become an era product that meets the theme of environmental protection in today's era. Therefore, customers should not only look at the price when purchasing a screw conveyor, but also need to consider many aspects. When most customers buy equipment, they basically pay attention to price. This is understandable. As customers, we all want to buy a product with high quality and low price. Just like the screw conveyor produced by our company, many customers always care about the price of the screw conveyor first when inquiring. Although this is the normal mind of most customers, some customers directly reject it after hearing the equipment quotation. This may be due to insufficient understanding of the screw loading conveyor.
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