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Factors affecting the conveying capacity of belt conveyor

by:YiFan Conveyor     2022-03-10
The conveying volume of conveying equipment is the most concerned issue for manufacturers, and when purchasing conveying equipment, several factors related to conveying volume need to be considered. As a professional conveying equipment manufacturer, I have summarized the following points for everyone. The first is the configuration of the motor and reducer of the conveying equipment. The greater the motor power, the greater the conveying capacity that can be carried. In most cases, if the required conveying capacity is larger, a reducer is required. The speed ratio of the machine determines the speed of the screw shaft, and the selection of the reducer is also calculated according to a certain formula. Secondly, the nature of the material to be conveyed determines whether the material is suitable for the selection of conveying equipment. In most cases, the user only knows the conveying equipment that needs to be selected, but it is not clear whether the material is suitable for conveying. If the selection is not appropriate, the conveying effect of the equipment will be poor . Some materials with higher viscosity are not suitable for selection. The materials are easy to stick to the conveying shaft and spiral blades, and they are also easy to agglomerate during the conveying process. Therefore, when selecting conveying equipment, it is necessary to understand whether the material is dry powder or granular. For example, the size of the largest particle of the granular material, the powdered material needs to know whether it is dry powder or with a certain amount of moisture, etc., and what is the specific gravity. The actual movement trajectory of the material has both longitudinal and lateral speed. It is not only determined by the spiral speed, but also closely related to the humidity, particle size, viscosity, fluidity, filling volume, pressure change and other factors of the material. In actual industrial production, these factors often change with time and working conditions. Therefore, it is impossible to maintain a constant synchronization relationship between the longitudinal flow rate of the material and the spiral speed for a long time, that is, the actual flow rate of the material under the same spiral speed state. Sometimes it is different, these factors all directly affect the throughput of the equipment.
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