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Extend the service life of screw conveyor

by:YiFan Conveyor     2021-07-30
With the development and progress of society, the increasing demand for screw conveyors by increasing enterprises has also increased. Faced with different brands and models of extruders, each enterprise has its own choice of mechanical parameters, but even if they choose a very cost-effective Equipment, if improper operation or lack of maintenance, will also affect the life of the screw conveyor, so how can we extend the life of the screw conveyor? Let's take a look at it with me. First, when using the screw conveyor, if the material temperature does not reach the temperature set when the machine is turned on, and the holding time does not meet the standard, it is absolutely not allowed to turn on the screw. You must pay attention to this point. . Second, in the normal use of the screw loading conveyor, or under abnormal circumstances, once the equipment has any abnormal noise, everyone needs to stop the equipment immediately and report it to the relevant personnel in time. It is best to get professional repairs as soon as possible The staff came to deal with it.   Third, even if the operation is correct, everyone cannot take it lightly. You must always pay attention to the safety in the production process. The necessary fire extinguishing equipment needs to be placed near the equipment that uses heat transfer oil.   Fourth, when the screw conveyor is running, the relevant personnel not only need to use it strictly in accordance with the operating regulations, but also need to ensure that they cannot do other irrelevant work at this time, nor can they destroy the safety protection measures of the equipment in pursuit of efficiency. Fifth, in order to ensure that the screw conveyor does not have various failures when it is in use, you must not use low-quality recycled materials with metal impurities or silt, and you must not place any metal objects near the feed inlet. It is a summary of the methods for extending the life of the screw conveyor. You can refer to it. If the work is not perfect enough, you are welcome to provide valuable suggestions. You can comment below and leave a message below. The machinery is recommended to be maintained regularly, and try not to be affected by some small things. Working efficiency, our company produces various types of screw conveyors all year round, welcome to buy, quality first, customer first, so that we have been pursuing, sincerely looking forward to your visit.
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