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Explain the safety of mechanical grain conveyor in detail

by:YiFan Conveyor     2021-06-14
When the grain loading conveyor is in operation and must be stopped due to power failure or other reasons, the load on the belt loading conveyor must be cleared before it can be started again. The following describes its safety precautions:   1. It is strictly forbidden to cross the belt, it must be crossed, and a stepping platform must be set up;   2. When the belt is running, it is strictly forbidden to hit with hands or objects, adjust the idler, clean the cleaner, and clear the roller rolling area. When removing the ore deposits in the funnel, the machine must be shut down and supervised by a special person, and the system of stopping power supply and delisting must be strictly implemented. It is specially reminded that when the ore deposits in the funnel are cleared, one person must be outside to monitor. The height exceeds 2 meters or the operation is not performed. When convenient, the operator should wear a seat belt. 3. When removing the belt or installing a new belt, set up a special tool to clamp one end of the belt, loosen or lift it slowly. When replacing the inclined belt, it is strictly forbidden to stand on the lower part;    4. When the maintenance requires hoisting, strictly observe the safety of high-altitude operation, and Ensure the safety and reliability of the hoisting equipment;   5. When the maintenance is completed, the personnel on the belt and close to the belt conveyor must ensure that they all leave before the test run;   6. There should be a special person to command and operate during the test;   7. All participating personnel should be required Put on labor protection supplies. If there is an abnormal situation in the grain conveyor during the test run, it needs to be shut down for processing. After the processing is completed, the test run can be carried out. During the test run, the ore feed should be increased from less to more, and the ore should be evenly fed. When deviation occurs, a special person is required Adjust processing.
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