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Equipment characteristics and product introduction of tire roller conveyor

by:YiFan Conveyor     2021-06-10
The tyre roller conveyor is made of carbon steel sheet material, and both sides are equipped with nylon anti-collision plates or small rollers. The tyre roller conveyor belt is made of a seamless tube with a thickness of 4.0, equipped with 08B12 teeth double row sprocket, and the bearing is selected from NSK6003 brand. The lower chain cover is installed to ensure production safety. The body can be sprayed with grass green, and the driving part adopts warning yellow color. This roller conveyor is also suitable for use especially in the foundry of wheel manufacturing enterprises. It is called wheel roller conveyor, automobile rim conveyor, tire roller conveyor, etc. Tyre roller conveyors can be divided into power roller lines and unpowered roller lines according to the driving mode, and can be divided into horizontal conveyor roller lines, inclined conveyor roller lines, turning roller lines, and spiral roller lines according to their layout. Equipment characteristics of tire roller conveyor: It is easy to connect and filter between roller lines. Multiple roller lines and other conveying equipment or special machines can be used to form a complex logistics conveying system to fulfill various technological needs. The accumulation roller can be used to realize the accumulation and transportation of materials. The roller conveyor has a simple structure, high reliability, and convenient use and maintenance. More: Roller , Turning Roller , Spiral Roller
Nowadays, the adoption of gravity roller conveyor in container loading machine industry is quite common.
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