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Enterprise how to maintenance of machinery and equipment

by:YiFan Conveyor     2020-09-22
To make the technology of the engineering machinery, truly, truly, must do the following several aspects work: ( 1) Agree with staff, overcome 'to fix the foster care' thought, the technical maintenance of the important content of management efficiency, the technical maintenance system, and establish the corresponding supervision mechanism. Mechanical equipment maintenance and repair of the functions are separate, maintenance is a normal performance, mechanical maintenance is to restore the performance of the machine. But in the daily equipment in use process, often is the heavy repair and maintenance, and even 'to fix the generation'. However, it turns out, 75% of the abnormal wear and failure of the machine is due to improper operation and maintenance, therefore need to cause enough attention, leadership and give strong support on manpower and material resources, financial resources. All personnel related to the mechanical equipment shall be agreed mutually, the technical maintenance work include the responsibilities of maintenance management category, and one man company institutionalized management, prepare the corresponding maintenance plan, formulate the relevant rules and regulations, supervision, whether maintenance according to maintenance program, content, procedures and maintain records of as phase should be, and to clear their respective responsibilities, rights and benefits, rewards and punishment points clear. ( 2) Strengthen the maintenance and operation personnel training, to ensure that the maintenance operation will be effected according to the 'regulations' in general, engineering machinery driver should show certificates, but many drivers' basic quality is poorer, low degree of culture, without strict formal training, the structure, principle, performance, and the mechanical equipments concept in tonality and know little about how to improve the efficiency and so on, and the main content of the technical maintenance is done by the driver, and therefore must formulate a series of training plan, the maintenance management, the maintenance personnel, especially the driver a systematic training, to ensure that the operations and maintenance will be effected according to the procedures. ( 3) The technical maintenance of the content of the project standardization, tables, do keep a maintenance record and archiving of mechanical equipment maintenance specification refers to the maintenance of the provisions of the technical requirements of mechanical technology. Any engineering machinery equipment in the factory, has put forward the equipment daily maintenance and regular maintenance of the specific content and requirements. People in the maintenance work, however, tend to be qualitatively and maintenance, but not completely according to the maintenance of the content of the project and the request for quantitative maintenance. Even did not maintain records accordingly. Therefore, we must according to different mechanical equipment maintenance of the project content and requirements, prepare the corresponding technical line't maintenance form in order to maintain and make record, also should establish the corresponding equipment files, for later confirmed to raise and a reliable basis for judging mechanical status and maintenance. ( 4) Equipment maintenance, testing and maintenance of the equipment needed for the tool, try our best to finish the good site facilities many engineering machinery ( Especially in machinery) In different parts of a testing point, you need to use the corresponding monitoring instrument for monitoring, and in the process of mechanical equipment technology maintenance, also needs corresponding common tools and special tools, must complete the form a complete set of tools and make records. At the same time should be according to the different environmental conditions of each site, set up the needed for the maintenance and repair work, tank car, workshop facilities, to ensure that all the mechanical technology testing and maintenance can proceed smoothly, and according to the testing and the palm is given by the maintenance process, formulate prevention measures and make the necessary repairs, ensure the good technical state. ( 5) Make full use of the funds, the implementation of 'zero inventory' management, high quality and low price of spare parts, to prevent unqualified spare parts were installed to use in the maintenance work, the amount of spare parts needed for many, dosage of money also many, therefore in the shortage of funds, should make full use of the limited funds, according to the progress of engineering and mechanical equipment technical conditions, flexible use of 'zero inventory' management of spare parts. The vulnerable spare parts, consumable parts and capital takes up less, there is proper and reasonable inventory, the inventory of the warehouse on time, do a good job in the maintenance spare parts statistics at all levels to ensure some necessary and take up the maintenance funds more spare parts, don't delay the maintenance work smoothly. At the same time, the spare parts when the choose and buy, must understand its origin, manufacturer, model, specification and performance, and other important indicators, especially some difficult to check of spare parts, should be to the corresponding specializes in dealer or franchisee of choose and buy, put an end to unqualified parts are installed. Of course, when the choose and buy more goods than three, selects the high quality and low price of spare parts, for careful comparison between domestic and imported parts, get a better price performance ratio, in order to ensure the performance and reliability of the mechanical equipment, prolong the life span, prevent the happening of the accident. ( 6) Make full use of time, coordinate the relationship between the various departments, reasonable allocate personnel, fully arouse the enthusiasm of employees, rewards and punishment clear according to the characteristics of all kinds of engineering construction and the change of climate, to fully use the rainy season or outage DaiGong details such as time, combined with the time limit of each machine maintenance, arrange mechanical maintenance. , spare parts supply department at the same time, the engineering construction departments and other relevant departments, organize maintenance personnel and the driver in the maintenance, the clear mission, fully arouse the enthusiasm of individuals. To carry out all kinds of love machine activities, to maintain frequently, high efficiency, good maintenance, technology provide economic, material rewards or moral encouragement to employees; For mechanical equipment damage is caused by the lazy, dereliction of duty, is to give severe punishment, so that it is to learn from it.
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