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Ensure the belt belt conveyor line and straight run!

by:YiFan Conveyor     2020-08-08
We usually install new conveyor belt, it is important to ensure that the belt of straight or straight lines. Do you know why is this? Here follow the footsteps of small make up together and have a look! In order to make the belt conveyor line, running belt conveyer belt must be in good grooves are formed when light, ensure the belt conveyer belt and horizontal roller close contact. In addition, the positive operation of belt conveyor line shall make all its roll and roll axis perpendicular to the conveyor. For short transmission distance of belt conveyor line, you can use the tension of the center line of the wire as par, make the roll and roll into a right Angle. For long distance belt conveyor line, can be used to connect the reference point of tension line installation. When commissioning new belt conveyor, first consider adjust belt conveyor belt to the intermediate position of the head and tail roller. All rollers are installed at the position of at right angles to the center line of the conveyor, but when the belt conveyor is in a state of running back and forth, buffer roller fine-tuning will be useful for debugging. If there is a buffer roller, the tail is fine-tuning it will help to guide the conveyor belt is located in the middle of the stern roller, if the tail roll does need to be slightly off center, conveyor belt will move toward the edge roller contact in the first place. For long distance belt conveyor line, operating conveyor belt for the first time, the head and tail roller shall be a person. If you use gravity tensioning device, please make sure that sliding device in the correct position and framework in the normal state. If belt conveyor belt deviation tension roller, belt conveyer belt will be wedged between roller and stent, which leads to the belt conveyor belt was damaged.
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