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Electric roller conveyor operators need induction training

by:YiFan Conveyor     2022-08-28

After YiFan completed the upgrade and improvement of automation, the development of our cycloid externally mounted electric roller loading conveyor has not stopped. At present, new research directions have emerged in the industry, such as hydraulic roller conveyor driven by hydraulic motor, Intelligent and mechatronics improved electric roller conveyors, etc., every time the light of technological innovation shows, will make the performance of roller conveyor products achieve a qualitative leap.

With the development of electric roller conveyor technology, we cannot ignore the job For the technical operation of personnel, the assembly line operators who are about to enter the conveyor production operation should pass the safety training knowledge of the food company before taking up the job, and then enter the production line of the cycloid externally mounted electric roller conveyor for operation.

In the continuous exploration and improvement, we have found a way and model to adapt to our own development. , after-sales service capabilities, market planning capabilities and technical research and development capabilities to enhance pioneering, in order to completely transform and achieve more far-reaching development.

In this article, the electric roller conveyor operators need on-the-job training provided by YiFan. YiFan's Roller Powered Roller Unpowered Roller Roller Line

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