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Dry sand 5 tons conveying capacity-screw conveyor price

by:YiFan Conveyor     2021-05-15
2019-05-21 18:10:56 After drying and screening,    dry sand can be widely used in various dry mortars; for example, thermal insulation mortar, bonding mortar and surface mortar are washed, dried, and graded river sand as the main bone Material. The strength is similar to the mortar made of quartz sand. Therefore, river sand generally plays an irreplaceable role in construction and decoration! Dry sand is inseparable from the conveyor equipment in the production process, so how much is the price of the screw conveyor with a capacity of 5 tons per hour? Dry sand 5 tons conveying capacity-LS screw conveyor LS screw conveyor has been used in various sectors of the national economy, such as building materials, metallurgy, chemical industry, electric power, coal, machinery, light industry, grain and food industries, suitable for conveying powder , Granular, small block materials, such as cement, coal powder, grain, fertilizer, ash, sand, coke, etc. It is not suitable to transport materials that are perishable, viscous, and easy to agglomerate. The working environment temperature of LS screw loading conveyor is usually -20~40℃, and the temperature of conveying material is generally -20~80℃. LS screw conveyor is suitable for horizontal and small inclination arrangement, and the inclination angle should not exceed 15°, such as inclination angle. If it is too large, please choose GX series screw loading conveyor, or contact our company's technical department for a separate design.   5 tons of dry sand conveying capacity-screw conveyor price   screw conveyor price is mainly affected by the model and material, the general price is between 5,000 and 100,000. 1. High-efficiency conveying LS-type screw conveyor adopts a new type of suspended intermediate suspension bearing frame, which increases the material conveying space and reduces logistics resistance. In addition, the design of small diameter, high speed, and variable pitch ensures smooth and fast speed. , Uniform feeding;     2. Arbitrarily arranged screw conveyor shell is made of high-quality seamless steel pipe, and each section is connected as a whole through flanges, and it can be continuously conveyed whether it is horizontal or large inclination. It can be directly connected and fixed with supporting equipment without foundation foundation, making full use of space, and it is very convenient to move and disassemble;   3, diversified connection inlet and outlet can adopt flange connection, cloth connection, cloth hanging rod connection, 10,000 Various forms such as connection to the interface;   4, reliable sealing LS-type tubular screw conveyor is equipped with an anti-seepage device at the connection of the outer shell pipe, and the process hole has also been carefully improved to avoid the cement agglomeration in the pipe caused by the infiltration of rainwater. Causes the occurrence of material blocking and stuffy machine accidents;    5. No need to add oil. Due to the use of novel intermediate bearing materials, it can reduce friction, wear resistance and self-lubricating. Even if it is used for a long time, it does not need to add lubricating grease, which can be avoided. The side effect of the mixture of grease and cement on the sleeve and shaft.   In short, the screw conveyor with an output of 5 tons per hour 'sound' the sand factory, creating a steady stream of profits for users is based on 'true ability'! Professional selection guide, 5 tons per hour dry sand screw conveyor, cost-effective equipment is waiting for you to choose. If you just need such a high return, high profit dry sand screw conveyor, then we also specialize in production, welcome you Come to the factory to test the machine at any time for in-depth understanding, then we will receive a special car, and one-to-one sales manager guidance!
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