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Drive belt conveyor line industry with what characteristics

by:YiFan Conveyor     2020-08-05
Guangzhou belt according to the understanding of industrial belt, automotive belt and walks with the three categories of industrial belt because of its own different characteristics, has been applied in the middle of the different. ( 1) Industrial belt, transmission belt is mainly used for electrical and mechanical equipment, it is produced by the motor power drive running. Common fine mechanical industries such as household appliances, computers, robots will be applied to the belt series. ( 2) Auto transmission belt: use in machine car by top drive the link of the machinery equipment. There are mainly agricultural machine belt, high oil belt, round belt ( Circular band) , oblate, water tower, Wide belt) , variable speed belt, motorcycle variable speed belt, V belt, V belt) , parallel belts, more groove belt, hexagonal belt, adjustable belt, traction belt, automotive belt. ( 3) Conveyor belt: in all industrial belts, conveyor belt conveyor belt is in guangzhou with one of the most common is also one of the most familiar with, such as consumption of the factory assembly line equipment is the most familiar with and understand people. Conveyor belt, as the representative of industrial belt, the material selection and market are the most profitable, high sensitivity is one of his main features. According to the material can be divided into main cotton canvas conveyor belt, nylon ( NN) Conveyor belt, polyester ( EP) Conveyor belt, PVC conveyor belt or PVG conveyor belt. Belt conveyor line think industrial conveyor belt in the delivery of the most common problems are: the foreign body scratch, some foreign object damage, wear, punch, etc. Usually industrial conveyor belt due to foreign bodies form part of the damage, conveyor in using process, in accordance with the traditional method to remove after all, repair and heating vulcanization or scrap to change. Can use rubber polymer repair, has the strong adhesion, excellent wear resistance and good tensile properties. Using rubber polymer repair materials, free disassembly, avoid hot vulcanization industrial conveyor belt scratch at the site, repair, low cost, short time, to prevent the scrap serious loss, change and long downtime and repair after application of the conveyor belt to complete transfer new life. Repair coating thickness control, forming fast, putting-in-service proactively time is short. After curing coating has very high cohesive strength, tensile strength, peel strength and hardness, good toughness and extending rate. Can greatly simplify the construction technology for repairing, self-leveling sex good, bright appearance. To quickly repair damaged industrial conveyor belts, rubber products, can also be used in product appearance precoat layer maintenance, extend using life. Guangzhou since it was founded in 2007, adhere to the enterprise culture promotion enterprise core competitiveness, follows: & other; Cooperation and development, to win more & throughout; The management idea, has an experienced management team, complementary advantages. There are more than 130 employees, the company specializing in the production of a variety of assembly line, assembly line production line, assembly line, times the speed chain; The company after many years of industry efforts, has now become the largest assembly line, assembly line in guangzhou, times the speed of production line, production line manufacturers; Its products in the industry has a higher visibility.
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